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Team Registration Form

Registration Steps

Registering your team is very easy.

Simply fill in the form on this page and one of our friendly and professional staff will be in touch with you.

Choose Your Sport

Select which sport to play.

Preferred Night/Day

Select the preferred day and game type that you would like to play.

Sport Division

This is how skilled the competition is. If you’re a beginner we suggest starting with beginner. If you would like more of a challenge select accordingly.

Enter Your Team Name

Please choose a team name. We cannot assure you that the name is not already being used. No offensive names will be accepted.

Personal Information

Enter your personal details so that we are able to contact you with information on your new registration. As much detail as you can supply will help us to contact you as quickly as possible.

Want To Join A Team Faster?

Ask to join our Facebook Group (Mackay Indoor Sports Arena), announce yourself and state that you are looking to join a team. List what sport, day, position (dependent on the sport) and if you are looking for a social or competitive team and you’ll be inundated with requests to join a team. This group is primarily for adults or juniors playing in the adult competition.

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